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A writer and published author of over seventeen books

Belita Renn is a writer of adult romance and fantasy, she has also written romance and comic short stories under different genres and different names.  A hairdresser for twenty five years she now devotes her time to writing and family.  Anyone thinking of writing may romance the task, it isn't, until diving in with everything that you are that the truth is revealed.  Writing is a tough business, it is a possession of the most unghostly kind for there is no magic going to appear to make the work any easier.  Most never become rich or famous, most are unknown forever but that doesn't stop the driving force inside that says write, write, write. Through it we strive to be wives, husbands, lovers, parents, daughters and son, aunts, uncles and anything else that life requires such as worker or employees of someone else so that we can keep on eating and writing.

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I am trying to find ways to make this site entertaining. I had a yahoo site called  www.witchyvelvet.com and you know I had the most fun building that site.  O ver the years I have built a lot of websites but this one I have stayed with because it is dependable.  And Yes I sometimes mis-spell a word and eventually correct it. The reason is simple, even though I write, I often write in the middle of the night and work on my site in the middle of the night and I am not always paying as close attention as I should.  The internet is like an infant in that instance be aware of what you do or say or you wind up with mud on your face.  If you have been on the internet for a while you will have run into errors and you will make some.

I would like to have a page where ever one could write their bloopers (bluppers on blogger) Great I will add a blog and you ad your bloopers. This is your chance to get it aired.


Customizing and Personalizing My Site TAKES time

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                My publishers  are and have been over the years have changed, some still publish my works, some have closed, some the contracts expired. I am listing only the ones that have books currently under contract, all publishers have http://www.publishamerica.com  (belita keaton and kim parson) http://www.extasybooks.com  belita renn erotic romances, http://www.whiskeycreekpresstorrid.com  belita renn erotic romances,  http://www.redrosepublishing.com  belitarenn erotic romance

Books by belita keaton are short stories (youthful)

Books by Kim Parson are romance  while they are no longer for sale on the publishers site you can find copies on sites like amazon and many other sites. Lord Sirius and Lord Tricking were my first published romances, I later started writing erotic romance,  I hope you will check out all of my writing styles.


 I freely admit that my work has improved over the last ten years. My first works in the erotic lines were guided by publishers that required there to be a lot of sex in erotic books, that has changed but it wouldn't be erotic if it didn't have some sex.

And while the romance books do need a touch up here and there I am hoping to get them republished with corrections made. I am currently seeking a publisher willing to publish previously published works, there doesn't seem to be many.  I don't want to self publish, but since these have been previously published by publishers i may if I cannot find a new publisher, i do want to have these books available for purchase.  I am really very fond of both stories.